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I recently asked a friend why it is that we choose to use the most insincere means to find meaningful relationships. The Internet, speed dating, hook-ups are all common ways we choose to search for true love and yet most are shocked and disappointed when their soul mate is not reaching back for them from the other side of the dating table. Have we become so detached, so disdainful of human touch that we actually think that what we’re finding in these strange arrangements is true love? One writer actually wrote that she wanted to do something romantic for her new husband so she went to a tattoo parlor and asked if they had any tattoos that weren’t permanent (Slater, 2006). What a prophetic move on her part. Should we even be re-defining true love by these modern methods of finding companionship? Who’s to say that true love as it was defined since the beginning of time; hand holding, can’t wait to touch you, butterflies in the pit of my stomach has not sustained over time?
On Saturday I had the good fortune of seeing Julia & Julia, a lovely film which chronicled parallels in the lives of Julia Child and Julia Powell. Both find success through perseverance, love of food, and a devoted lover, although set in different time periods. Julia and Paul Child’s romance may not be well known but it is certainly one worth noting. According to most resources, Paul Child adored Julia. He supported her while she attended Cordon Bleu in Paris and exposed her to the genius that is French cooking. In the film adaptation, Paul’s love and devotion are very apparent. Eventually he designed a kitchen for her which is now on display at the Smithsonian. He also did most of the photography for her cookbooks. Theirs was a kind of love that seemed to defy time and space. After seeing the movie, I tried to think of even one relationship known to me that housed such apparent passion. I have seven sisters and two brothers and can not think of one relationship where love and devotion were definitions of the relationship. Even in my own life; I love men. I adore men. However I have never been so devoted to a man nor been so admired by a man that it could even scratch the surface of what I consider to be true love. Does true love exist anymore? I would love to hear a modern day love story that didn’t begin with, “we met on the Internet.” What’s more; I’d like to hear it from a man. I’d like a sincere man to write me and tell me about his sincere love for the woman in his life (or not in his life). I want to know that someone still feels the room light up when his or her beloved walks in a room. Normally I share stories of unrequited love or love lost but for the next week I’ll be writing about true love and its existence in a cruel and harsh world

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  1. I couldnt agree more.. I’ve been in situations where I’ve seen guyz & galz alike dating thru dating websites but what shocked me is that one of my friends did that too but their relationship hasnt gone that long. I have had a girl whom i recently loved & really cared about but never got the nerve to speak to, used to laugh when I see her laugh or smile, and I smile when she walks by 🙂


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