Lyz Meets Michael Angelo and Doubts Him

A fleeting blogger wrote, “Can it be done; can you describe art in forty characters or less?”

Lyz, please listen (and I pray you hear me):

As artists, we discover who we are and are comfortable with the idea that we may not be who others need us to be to discover who they are. SM (138 characters)
Art is creating without boundaries, loving without condition, and ability without reserve. SM (90 character)

While it is certain that one could explain art in 140 characters or less, it begs the questions; if it is art, should we be setting such boundaries? You admittedly found yourself short on employment and long on downtime when you posted the question. However, you view yourself as an artist. Boredom as an art form, if there is such a thing, would surely attract the most prosaic of followers. I’d argue that artists are never bored. Sometimes we lack muse, or find discontentment in the world troubling, but rarely does that breed boredom. Instead, artists tend to create a better world if only on canvas.
Those familiar with my work surely have noticed that I’m very fond on Roland Park. Roland Park is not the most active suburb, it’s actually quite quiet. However, the silence I find there helps me to create the most amazing personalities on paper. I’m never bored. Use your artistic talent to create a better world for yourself.
What I know for sure; that world will not be bound by forty characters unless you’re writing a book. Be well!


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