On What Planet

While taking in a rare viewing of The View the other day I was taken off-guard by a comment made by one of the host.  The twit who shall remain nameless actually made the comment that women become lesbians because older men date younger women and they  have no choice. What?  The other hosts corrected her of course but it was already too late.  Her stupidity was replayed over and over again via the internet news feeds.  My question is this: when did it become ok to be publicly stupid?  It seems to me; with the popularity of morons like the View host, Sara Palin, and  every anchor on Fox, America has made a place for low IQs.

As a school girl I often wondered what would become of the students who were clearly not going to fare well on their SATs, who never had an intelligent thing to say, who were, for lack of a better term, stupid.  We all know who they are.  In elementary school they knew enough not to be placed in a “special” class but not enough to be counted as smart.  The teacher always had to spend an extra few minutes explaining multiplication to them.  In middle school they just showed up and played hangman with themselves during French class. By high school we referred to them as slackers or “short busers”.  They are stupid.  Now, please don’t mistake my words.  I am not referring to persons with learning disabilities or the mentally retarded.  I am referring to the passers who never get left back but never really contribute anything intelligent.  They are unmotivated. You may work with some of these people.  Let’s face it, we elected one of these people to the highest office in the land.  Truth be told; we may actually like having these people around because they make us feel ten times more intelligent than we actually are. Here’s the problem: they are multiplying.

When we allow the pathologically stupid to gain public fame, to run for public office, and to procreate, we jeopardize the future of the entire planet. We allow them an outlet to spread their stupidity, in essence saying its ok to be stupid.  We laugh at their stupidity but it’s really not funny; it’s sad.  We post their stupidity all over the web to get SEO but the price is too high.  Do we really want future generations exposed to the level of stupidity allowed of the stupid?  Lets’ return to a more civil society where intelligent people say and do intelligent things and all of society benefits.  Let the stupid do as they did in the past; fade into obscurity.  Think about it; do you know the whereabouts of the stupid people from middle school.  I don’t. Down with the galactically stupid!  Call them out.  In the next twenty-four hours I will post  list on the fifty most stupid public personalities.  Join me.  Send me your top-ten list.


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