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Retractable Reasoning

Recently, Amy commented on a mistake I’d written in my blog.  In my post regarding mistakes (, I improperly cited Darren Rowse as the writer of the mentioned piece, instead of the host of the piece.  The article, written by Larry Brooks appeared on Darren’s blog.  Thank you, Amy for your help. Sorry Larry ( for the improper citation.  To make it up to you, I will list your blog address( with this post as often as humanly possible. As for Darren Rowse; I can’t help promoting him.  He’s wonderful and has helped me and countless others continuously.  Thank you Darren!

Larry Brook’s postings may be read at :



More than an expert, I am a healthcare design strategies and information governance influencer. I'm currently developing policy and content for Pediatric, DME, Direct Primary care, and independent providers. I am serving as the managing director of EnvisionCare Strategies. I guide the mission of the company while continuing to work hands-on with many of the nation's emerging healthcare providers. In addition to governing, I educate healthcare providers about business practices, including policy development & implementation, information technology and governance, budgeting & finance, content marketing, strategic planning, intellectual property, and clinical talent.

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