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You were offered a great position; the position would bring you greater visibility, more money, greater responsibility. “Be supportive,” you said

And I was

You found your true calling. Your work would change lives, move mountains, touch millions. “Be happy for me,” you said

And I was

Your dreams are being realized. You’re giving back, making a difference, feeling fulfilled.  “Aren’t you proud of me, you asked.

And I was

But consider . . .,

As far as I was concerned you had a position. Loving me, fulfilling me, keeping me. That position kept you visible to me, was more valuable than gold; you were responsible for my heart. “Be supportive.”

You couldn’t

I called on you to change my life, make the earth move under me when we make love, touch me just so I can quiver from the experience. “Make me happy.”

You can’t

My dreams are dying. Your love for me is fading; I feel it. I’m empty. My pride won’t let me tell you how I feel. “Return to me.”

You won’t

All these things I say are not out of love for you but because your love for me has alas, made me selfish.

I am.


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