Chronic Blindness or . . ., “My husband would never do anything like that.”

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Some headlines defy understanding and to seek out their meaning would seem worthless when one considers the source. That being my mantra today, consider this:

Clarence Thomas’s Wife

Asks Anita Hill for Apology

No need to do a double-take;  you read it right. My first impulse was to ignore the obvious stupidity of Virginia Thomas.  After all, Mrs. Thomas isn’t the brightest crayon in the box in my opinion. This is a woman who despite the fact that her husband is a current sitting Supreme Court Justice, has recently been dabbling in partisan politics by becoming the most outspoken voice of the conservative group, Liberty Central, potentially jeopardizing her husband’s position and calling into question, the motives of her financial supporters. But, let’s put all the obvious stupidity aside and get to the heart of the issue: What the f_ _k was she thinking?

Clearly Anita Hill owes Clarence Thomas no apology. Let me write you a check called reality Mrs. Thomas: your husband did it!  And somewhere beneath Virginia Thomas’ palin-esque exterior, I believe she knows that he did it.  How blissful it must be to sail along denial, ignoring the obvious; you know your husband better than anyone else.  He did it, Virginia.

Ms. Hill, in this morning’s NYTs states that the phone call initiated by the wife of Clarence Thomas  (http://tinyurl.com/328vj9h) was inappropriate t best. However, I would beg Ms. Hill to listen again; Mrs. Thomas’ admission to her husband’s guilt can be read in her own words. Let’s examine.

Exhibit A: Mrs. Thomas phoned Ms. Hill at @7:30am.  Those of us with a conscience knows; Virginia Thomas was either DUI (dialing while intoxicated) or unloading a guilty conscience. Clearly her husband has no conscience so I guess she bares the burden of that mindset in the household.

Exhibit B: “I would love you to consider an apology at some time” was Mrs. Thomas’ opening. She didn’t say she would love Ms. Hill to give an apology; she wanted Anita to consider one (preferably from her husband)

Exhibit C: Mrs. Thomas also says, ” and sometime an explanation of why you did what you did with my husband. She would go on to iterate this statement. Never did she say “to my Husband,” Choosing instead to use the term “with”.   Why? Because she knows her husband. Mrs. Thomas, more than likely, views the situation as an affair. She would never admit to her belief that her husband did exactly what Ms. hill accused him of because it would speak to her inadequacies as a woman.

Listen Mrs. Thomas; if you’re phone call to Ms. Hill was a preemptive strike i an attempt to bring attention to your political cause . . ., you’ve severely miscalculated your value to your own party. If however, you’re attempting to validate your husband’s denial of the circumstances surrounding his interactions with Ms. Hill all those years ago, you’ve severely miscalculated the length of the American public’s memory.

Virginia Thomas, here’s what’s written on the wall: Anita owes you no apology. Your husband is about as attractive as a prune (dried and related to constipation). You have neither the right nor the invitation to call Ms. Hill and ask for anything (stop stalking), and YOUR HUSBAND DID IT.).


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