The Next Big Thing in Progress

Ken wrote: Reese, thanks for making me blush and calling me crazy. I’m famous. Please tell me you’re going to continue to write about your “friends” in the new year? I’ve actually got something to share in class. Thanks.

I’ve never felt the need to make resolutions regarding my writing and fortunately my “friends” as you refer to them provide me with ample writing material. One reason I don’t feel compelled to make resolutions is quite simple: why start the year as a failure? I do however, make plans. My plans are realistic and relatively easy to keep. I plan to write today. Done. I plan to take time to perform an unselfish act. Done. I plan to work hard to improve health care for children. Done. I plan to spend time with my kids. Done. I plan to appreciate my few good friends. Doing.  All these things are easy to achieve because they only require the assistance of two friends; will and grace. I make these plans everyday and only one day at a time.

Ken, so you’re not left to wonder, I will continue to write about you, Phorest, Toni, and the rest. I also plan  to write about new things just to keep things interesting.  In fact, this year will focus on relationships, those that  make us uncomfortable and those that make us stronger. I’ll keep it light and humorous if at all possible. I’m glad you liked the post. It was well received. For those who may want to read it, here it is:  http://wp.me/pzutE-bwI.

Have a great semester at school, Ken. Become the great writer (or comedian) I know you can become.


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