Friendly Reminders from Natural Resources

Darren Rowse, Problogger
Image by Technosailor via Flickr

This week I’ve gained a new follower whom I’m very excited about. I could wallow away in shameless bragging about the new follower I’ve scored but who would that benefit. Instead, I want to tell you why I’m excited. My new follower is someone I greatly respect and who has helped my writing beyond what I thought possible. He has also helped me build a following on my blog without silly “following” tools. I’m so proud to say I’ve earned every one of my followers on Twitter, Facebook, and my blogs. I know what you must be thinking, “What’s the catch?”  To be sincere, there is none.

Some years ago, while sitting in my favorite cafe in NYC: Viand if you’re checking, I came across a blog about blogging as a professional. You’ll recall, there was a time when blogging was not common place.  Anyway, this so-called professional blogger wrote about tweeting and offering your writing free on an on-line format. At the time still without an agent, I said, “Why not?”  I started blogging albeit not in any serious form. To my greatest surprise, I found the whole thing very freeing. I would write almost daily;  no one needed to be reading. I also, on the advice of the professional blogger, began responding to the blogs of other writers. Suddenly I was free to express without worrying if an agent would be interested in what I wrote. My writing improved, I was published, and I had a following,

In the fall of 2007, I came across a book about blogging while trolling my favorite Barnes and Noble: Whitemarsh, Maryland if you’re checking. The book was full of all sorts of useful tips and free resources. It also lay a foundation for earning income from your blog. What? Get paid for my writing? What say you, professional blogger? I read the entire book cover to cover, latte in tow at the B&N. Upon finishing this new treasure I decided I had to know who this author was who had gathered all these great ideas together between the pages of this goldmine. Spoiler alert: it was the very same professional blogger I’d discovered before. Reading his book, as informative as it was, held a better benefit for me. It reminded me to work on my writing. I’d let my work become prosaic. That’s right; I said it! While I still had the same following, let’s face it; I still had the same following. I had not grown or gained anything additional. Did I not want new readers? Was I not interested in making an income as a writer? Of course I was. So once again, thanks to a friendly reminder from a professional blogger, I got cracking.

This morning, to my surprise, I awakened to the ultimate score (besides hubby). That professional blogger who has for all these years kept me on track and dedicated to my craft has paid me the ultimate compliment by following me. This was made sweeter by the fact that he followed me first. Of course I followed back; he’s so awesome. Gaining the attention of someone I greatly respect without the painful begging (thanks for not following Coach Dungy) has completely made my day. More than that, it has reminded me to get back on track with my writing and I am.

You’ve waited long enough. Who’s big pimping on the blogging front? Who’s made me a better writer? Who has taught me to throw caution to the wind and stand up my agent for un-fruitful lunches?  I need a drumroll here!  My new follower is none other than, Darren Rowse. The Problogger guru is the best resource for making your time on-line count for something. He’s not paying me to say this; I’m sharing what I know to be true. Follow him on Twitter for just a taste @Problogger. If you’re ready to become crafty at your craft, check out his blog. Today he insists, Your blog sucks, and so does mine http://www.problogger.net.  Oh, almost forgot; thanks for the follow Darren. Love your show, babe!


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