Really, Mrs. Balchunas; Are Your Kids Too Cool for Public School?

You Wish Your Kids Were This Smart

Oh pa-leeeze! Adam Bednar wrote an article for the North Baltimore Patch recently in which he highlighted parents’ concerns regarding sending their kids to public schools (http://bit.ly/zhCxGi). Some valid points were made by the article, but for the most part showed how disconnected people are from their status and the total lack of accountability for the development of their children and communities in which they’re educated. Thanks Edit Barry for sharing the article and for your relentless dedication to Hampden’s schools and the community. You & I don’t always agree about what’s going on in that community but you are always accountable. Admittedly, I don’t live in Hampden but my daughter volunteers as a tutor at Hampden Elementary School and the parent involvement and improvement overall is a story in and of itself. Let me be clear about my opinion. Mrs. Balchunas is delusional at best. Allow me and the other proud alum of Roland Park to write you a check called reality. You’re in the declining middle class. You can’t afford private school if Howard County was a problem! Your daughter’s mind is developing. She’s not of some intellectual level, not reachable due to assignment of a public education. “Let the will of the people determine the worth of the education!”Roland Park and Mt Washington are excellent schools. They’ve been called “the best public, private schools in the state,” (Wilson, 2010). Any Roland Park parent would surely be insulted by Mrs. Balchunas’ comment. I think it speaks poorly of her that she would make such an assessment having admitted never entering the school. My husband and I tried several avenues for education to include, private, Catholic, and homeschooling. Eventually my kids attended The Mt, Roland Park, and Poly.

It amazes me that parents enter into communities, contribute nothing (but taxes), and by dissociation contribute to the devaluation of that community. Some citizens act as if they can reside in a bubble and maintain some sort “status” if they can claim they send their kids to private school because neighborhood schools aren’t good enough. In reality, all you’re admitting to is failure. You did nothing to improve your neighborhood’s value and now you would be so audacious about it by publicly denouncing public schools like it’s a badge of courage. “Foolish, thy name is neighbor!” Invest in the schools you call your neighbors. If the playgrounds are messy, clean them. If the teachers are not effective, protest their tenure. Councilman Mary-Pat Clark supports the foolish statements made by these parents by stating she understands as she too was “intimidated” by Roland Park. She also credits herself with Roland Park’s advances. Clearly, nothing could be farther from the truth but my point is this; why would a city council person, whose job it is to promote public education, feed into such non-sense? Truth be told, most city leaders and high-ranking officials send their children to Roland Park, zoned or not. It is the choice of elitists. There are some officials who live as far away as Potomac who currently have their kids attending Roland Park and Mt Washington, much to the disadvantage of more deserving local kids. “Liar, liar, pants on fire, Mary-Pat”. I also disagree with the notion that Dr. Alonzo is doing a great job.  Since he began his tenure, we have witnessed a cheating scandal, seen test schools take a serious dive, city schools opened this year with a deficit of thirty-nine principals, and most if not all of the male principals have been removed from schools. What “good job” is she referring to? I applaud those parents who act as examples of service for their kids by recapturing and ensuring the standards of public schools. For those who think their kids are too intellectual or too cool to attend public schools, by all means, pay the college-level tuition to send your kids elsewhere. What I know is this: the other three-hundred geniuses at Roland Park will be just fine. Proudly, my daughter will be attending college in the fall on academic scholarship, having scored in the ninety-eighth percentile on her  SATs.   “Viva la Roland Park!” GET A CLUE.


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