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Panera to Remove All Artificial Ingredients By 2016

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Photo: Bloomberg via Getty Images Photo: Bloomberg via Getty Images

If you’re one of those people tired of unhealthy ingredients like trans fats and MSG thrown into your food, you’ll rejoice in this news: Panera Bread is the latest in a string of chain restaurants to kick artificial ingredients to the curb, joining Chipotle and Starbucks.

You heard that right. The popular cafe-bakery is set to implement a new food policy that will remove artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives from its menu by the end of 2016. A few changes have already been made while others are in the works.

Starting in July, Panera’s Summer Corn Chowder will be sold without ingredients like maltodextrin and corn starch and, earlier this year, they rolled out horseradish sauce sans calcium disodium EDTA, and cilantro hummus minus the potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate. Just last year, the chain introduced a new grass-fed sirloin steak to replace its roast beef, which…

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