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BBC News – 10 things we didn’t know last week

Her are 10 things I discovered or embraced about myself last week:

  1. I’m a good negotiator, even when others believe all hope is lost.
  2. The best business associates are those who embrace and share good ideas.
  3. Good intuition cannot be excluded when interviewing prospective talent.
  4. People listen when you speak sincerely.
  5. I can’t be in 2 places at one time.
  6. The parking situation in the District of Columbia has officially entered the abyss.
  7. Virginia is a great state in which to do business
  8. Men will invite you to the negotiating table if you speak with a definitive voice.
  9. More than leaning in, we need to make an indelible mark  among our peers if we’re really going to make a difference for all women.
  10. Bitches get stuff done!

Here are 10 other things we didn’t know last week. What are some of yours?

BBC News – 10 things we didn’t know last week

via BBC News – 10 things we didn\’t know last week.



More than an expert, I am a healthcare design strategies and information governance influencer. I'm currently developing policy and content for Pediatric, DME, Direct Primary care, and independent providers. I am serving as the managing director of EnvisionCare Strategies. I guide the mission of the company while continuing to work hands-on with many of the nation's emerging healthcare providers. In addition to governing, I educate healthcare providers about business practices, including policy development & implementation, information technology and governance, budgeting & finance, content marketing, strategic planning, intellectual property, and clinical talent.

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