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Disrupting from Within: How far are you willing to go for your brand?


Before  35,000 Americans started videotaping themselves  base jumping for bragging rights, somebody had to make the decision to jump off a cliff. It’s risky, It may not appeal to everybody, and at the end of the day the whole exercise could be a colossal failure. But when the jump is made, it sure feels good.
Entrepreneurs take branding risks 100 times a day. Some risks are calculated and planned, others are unexpected and unintended. That being said, all risks are a vital part of becoming the brand you envisioned when you started down this path to entrepreneurship. Though the risks can be enormous at times, brand leaders need to decide how far they are willing to go to mitigate that risk and build a credible brand.
We can all agree; inexpensive marketing platforms exist and that’s fine. Brands should optimize their engagement on platforms that require little investment and far reach. But what if your objectives for your brand are a little more complex? What if you want to build a content marketing strategy that gets a cohesive message out to the right people, across multiple platforms? What if you want click-to brick optimization? In other words, what if you decided to build a great brand. This my friend, requires some soul-searching.


First let’s look at why you decided to launch a brand. Do you have a mission statement and if so, can it resonate with your audience? Next, you might want to right down some marketing objectives, the who, what, when, and why of it all. Now I won’t get into the particulars of launching a brand; there are plenty of resources out there for that. I want you to dig deeper. What can you do for your brand everyday that will increase visibility, mitigate risks, and have multi-platform impact? Many of you hear me use the term “disruption”. I’m usually referring to my brand but what does it mean for your strategy? Sometimes you have to be more brave than scared, more bold than reserved, and more proactive than reactive. And the thing you do that expresses all those theories of thought must be done every day. You have to be persistent and consistent in your boldness. Often clients will tell me, “Well that wasn’t working so I stopped doing it.” My answer is usually, “But didn’t we just start that strategy yesterday?” Here are six other things you should be doing everyday to be brave in your branding.
1. What’s the hook? I refer to my followers as “disruptors” and this will never change. What’s your brand’s cross-platform hook?
2. Proactive approach: What are you doing today that your brand will thank you for tomorrow? Let customers see that you’re walking the talk. Shoot some video that’s related to content you’re sharing across all platforms.
3. Make it Palpable: Your customers just want to feel something, see something, that makes them want to take some action. It’s that simple. Stop complicating it for them.
4. Don’t sell: Your brand is an idea, not a product. The best advertisements, those we remember are those where we see an idea in motion.
5. Keep it consistent. Your message should be consistent across all platforms, even if expressed in different ways.
6. Take a risk! Some of the craziest ideas and call-to-actions are the most successful. If you invite your client’s to have coffee and a run w/ you, don’t be surprised if 1000 people show up. Make it count.

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